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About us

We reimagine the fitness world

Fitter was born in 2020 when two Tel Avivian friends had difficulty finding group fitness training in their area at an adequate price and without commitment to a subscription. We connect trainers, trainees, and location owners in a way that makes finding and booking group fitness workouts on demand easy and convenient. Whether you're a trainer looking to build your client base, a trainee searching for new fitness options, or a location owner looking to monetize your space, we've got you covered. With Fitter, you can find and book the perfect workout for you, at a time and location that works best for you. To enable this, Fitter develops a wide range of technologies for the three sides of the marketplace - Trainees, Trainers & Training spaces. Fitter operates in several cities all over Israel, join us today and discover the benefits of working out with a group.


Fitness community

The world as we know it has changed. But as communities come together in this unprecedented time, one thing is certain: through resourcefulness, compassion, and innovation, we'll get there together. See how Fitter is working to support communities and promote health among them.


How Fitter works?

Our core service is developing technology that connects trainers, trainees and training spaces for group fitness workouts on demand. 

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