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The best of Fitter for your business

Schedule simply all kinds of group workouts for your employees, in the office or wherever you want.

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Contributes to your business goals

Strengthen the relationships

Training with co-workers can help strengthen the employees relationships and contribute to the feeling of togetherness.

Decrease stress

Studies have shown that exercise is a great way to combat stress effects. 

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Improve employee satisfaction

Training in the workplace contributes to employee satisfaction in the workplace and leads to higher productivity and commitment.

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How does it work?


Choose the type, date and location of the training. If you want, we can prepare a survey for your employees, so you can choose the best time and training for them.


A professional and proven trainer arrives at the time you chose and train your employees. See our trainers


You pay us by bank transfer and receive an invoice for the training.

Want to schedule a training?

Fill up the training details and we will send you a price quote soon

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