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Learn how the Fitter Trainer app works

אפליקציה למאמני כושר

Step 1

A trainer opens the Trainer app

To begin their journey, trainers download and open the Trainer app, complete a short registration, and create their Trainer profile. Now they are ready to manage the business in an efficient and innovative way and start making money

אפליקציה למדריכי כושר

Step 2

A trainer creates & publishes a workout

The process of creating a workout is super easy with us. The trainers enter all the training details in a few clicks and without any restrictions. When you publish the perfect workout for your trainees, you take another step toward endless success

מערכת ניהול יומן אימונים

Step 3

Trainees register & pay for the workout

Registration for training is super easy with us. The trainees who follow you see your workouts at the top of the home page. Thousands of other trainees in the area are also exposed to all your training that may interest them. Registration and payment for the training are made with a simple click of a button and the payment is transferred directly to your wallet

ניהול הרשמות לאימונים

Step 4

The workout begins

The day comes, full of anticipation and energy you arrive at the location of the training and begin training that challenges limits, builds strength and encourages determination in the trainees. Your commitment meets a variety of trainees, and culminates in an experience that brings you another step closer to your goals

איך משיגים מתאמנים

Step 5

The trainee leaves ratings and reviews

After the training, the trainees leave ratings and reviews and this is your chance to gain popularity in the application. The quality of the training and the personal treatment are the priority of our community. Be committed to these values and you can continue to grow and succeed with us

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