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How the Fitter app works

אפליקציה למדריכי כושר

Step 1

A trainee opens the Fitter app

To kickstart their fitness journey, trainees download and open the Fitter app, enter their favorite training types, and follow their favorite trainers and training spaces. Now they are ready to discover a new world of fitness possibilities.

אפליקציה למאמני כושר

Step 2

The trainee books a workout

Booking a workout is a breeze within the Fitter app. Navigate through an array of trainers and spaces, each offering a unique flavor of fitness expertise and ambiance. As you select the perfect match for your goals, you're not just reserving a session; you're setting the stage for a transformative experience.

מערכת ניהול יומן אימונים

Step 3

The trainees invite their friends to join

Fitness is better with friends, and Fitter understands the power of shared goals. Within the app, the "Invite Friends" feature is your gateway to creating a fitness community like no other. Extend the invitation to your workout buddies, family members, and colleagues, and let them join you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

ניהול הרשמות לאימונים

Step 4

The workout begins

The day arrives, filled with anticipation and energy. You stand at the threshold of your chosen training space, ready to engage in a workout tailored to your aspirations. Guided by your chosen trainer, you embark on a session that challenges limits, builds strengths, and fuels determination. Your commitment meets expert guidance, culminating in an invigorating experience that leaves you one step closer to your goals.

איך משיגים מתאמנים

Step 5

The trainee and trainer leave ratings and reviews

After the workout, it's time to celebrate your achievement and show appreciation. Fitter thrives on the spirit of collaboration, and leaving ratings and reviews is your opportunity to provide valuable feedback. Rate your trainer, share your insights, and express how the session impacted your journey. Your words contribute to the Fitter community, helping both trainers and trainees continue to grow and succeed.

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