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Staying motivated leading into winter

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As we have had to adapt to stay home during this time, a lot of us have had to change our fitness routine quite drastically. Just when we thought this wasn’t already a challenge in itself, it is becoming clear that winter is approaching meaning getting out of bed is becoming a lot harder, and the thought of staying indoors in your cosy trackies and hoodie is becoming more and more tempting.

Create reminders

Setting yourself goals and scheduling in your workouts as a reminder in your phone (just as you would an important appointment) will improve your motivation and will make sticking to your fitness plan even easier. Getting started is the hardest part especially in the cold, so remind yourself of the after feeling and the satisfaction you will get once completing your workout and physically ‘ticking’ it off your mobile phone reminder list.

Dress for the occasion

Dress warm! Not just for the comfort but for your general health and well-being. The last thing you need whilst staying at home is a dreaded runny nose! So that morning or afternoon frost doesn’t hit you as hard, dress prepared – this is a perfect excuse to ‘treat yourself’ and upgrade that winter wardrobe of yours! Tights, thermals, jackets and even long socks (because ‘fashun’) will become your best friend!

Train with a buddy

Motivating yourself during these colder months is tough, so training with a mate may be just what you need to smash out those workouts! By agreeing on a time and location to exercise with a friend, cancelling or hitting ‘snooze’ on your alarm clock is much more difficult. Plus, this is the perfect excuse to socialise and catch up with a friend, share your workout plan, and even challenge each other to hit some PB’s. A bit of competition never hurt anyone!

Stay indoor

Perhaps the cold air and the dark skies just aren’t for you. Or maybe you don’t have an ideal outdoor space to complete your workouts. That is okay! Be creative with the space you have available, whether it be in your living room, garage or bedroom. There are ALWAYS alternatives. We have put out some awesome online workouts for you that can be completed both indoors and outdoors with very minimal space needed.

Be kind to yourself

Although we recognise working out as being extremely important to include in our everyday lives in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally, we aren’t always perfect. If for some reason you skip a workout because you were lacking that motivation you needed it is okay. Forgive yourself and move on! Remember recovery is just as important in order for our muscles to grow as it allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. Make the most out of your ‘missed’ workout and jump straight back in to your fitness routine the next day – no need to punish yourself, we are only human!

Join us for warmer winter :)


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