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The best open air training spots in Tel Aviv

We are in the days when it is nice to do training in the open air. The weather is great, the humidity is reasonable, and when it comes with a sea view then the experience in general is amazing. We have collected for you the four best training spots in the open air in Tel Aviv, four places with a good breeze and an open view of the spaces - just fun.

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Hayarkon park

Hayarkon Park, officially named Ganei Yehoshua, is a spacious park that stretches along the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv. The park covers about 3,500 dunams, from the Hadar Yosef neighborhood to the Yarkon estuary to the Mediterranean Sea.

The park located in the north of the city contains all the right things for a fun yoga or Pilates workout: endless lawns, shaded areas, and of course - a view of the river. The spaces will make you forget for a moment that you are in the city, a breeze of a kibbutz and quiet corners will give you the opportunity to conduct peaceful training without any disturbance from the environment. In short - worth it.

Hilton beach

Hilton Beach as it is called, located under the Hilton Hotel and Independence Park, is one of the popular, colorful, young, proud and fun beaches in Tel Aviv. In the southern part of the beach there is a wide wooden surface by the sea, the great advantage of the spot is within walking distance from the heart of Tel Aviv, the proximity of the surface to the sea helps the disconnect you want to feel during training, close your eyes for a moment and you'll feel at exotic place on the other side of the world.

Carles Clore park

Charles Clore Park is a park in southwest Tel Aviv located in the coastal strip of the city on an area of about 120 dunams that is drained from the sea. It is about a kilometer and a half long, and its width is between fifty and one hundred and fifty meters. In the park you can enjoy spacious lawns and open views of the Mediterranean Sea. Yoga or Pilates at sunset can make you start the day with a huge smile and positive energies, the park's proximity to the city's bustling areas increases its attractiveness and in the evening you can find group workouts in almost every corner, take a yoga mat with you and enjoy!

Midron Jaffa Park

The Midron Jaffa Park is a coastal park located along the beaches of the Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa, and that stretches between the Jaffa Port in the north and Givat Aliya Beach in the south. The area of ​​the park is 200 dunams, its length from north to south is about a kilometer, and its width from east to west reaches 300 meters at most. We never stop getting excited about this place - without a doubt one of the most refreshing and relaxing spots in the city. The park brings with it an amazing combination of the atmosphere of Old Jaffa with the sea, at the same time due to its distance from the center of Tel Aviv it remains quiet and less crowded than the other parks in the city. If you live in Jaffa or in the south of the city, you are welcome to come there for training in the open air with a breeze of the sea and quiet that is hard to find throughout Tel Aviv. Meet there.

If you still want an intimate location in the open air, check out our locations in the open air that are available for rent.


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