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What’s the story, morning glory? A great workout, that’s what!

It’s really early in the morning and you’re still in bed. While your eyes are shut, your brain is already in overdrive. You have a few choices from here – you could roll over and try to catch a few more minutes of sleep, you could reach for your mobile phone and start scrolling through Instagram, or you could do what’s probably the best thing for your body – jump out of bed and head to a group workout! There are many advantages to working out first thing in the morning than just helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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It sets you up for the day ahead

Contrary to what you might believe, a good hard workout in the morning should not make you feel more tired for the rest of the day.

  • In fact, you’ll actually have more overall energy because exercising consistently is an extremely good way to boost your energy and reduce your feeling of fatigue. You’re basically starting off the day with more oxygen in your lungs and brains!

  • A solid workout means that your body will be more alert. After your morning exercise, you’re likely to head straight to work which means you’ve already gotten your body to be ready to take on the hours to come.

  • One of the best things about exercising is that when you work up a sweat, your body will naturally be flushed. This means that you’ll look radiant and head to the office with that amazing glow from having gotten your heart pumping.

It helps you build a routines

What would you normally b

e doing before you workout in the morning? Sleep, and likely nothing else. A morning workout session would be a great anchor to start your day.

  • What this means is that fitness wise, you’re more likely to maintain your workouts. If you schedule your workouts in the evenings, sometimes you find yourself working late or having to put it off to socialize with friends. When you train in the morning, there are no disruptions!

  • The science shows that exercise can inspire people to eat more healthily – so by having a solid routine, you’ll likely make better choices when it comes to your food intake and that can only be good for your body in the long term.

You can achieve better results

There are some physical benefits from working out in the morning. Getting yourself to a workout just after you wake up can help you achieve your fitness goals too.

  • We all know that exercise increases your metabolism. Now, imagine kickstarting your workout early in the morning and boosting your metabolic rate. This sets the tone for the rest of the day and will help you burn more calories. This is most commonly referred to as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC.

  • Besides increasing your metabolic rate, morning workouts also can lead to the elevation of important hormones (like testosterone, which helps build muscles) in your body. This is because these hormones peak in the mornings, so you’ll be taking advantage of this natural phenomena.

It’s good for your mental health Exercising has been known to have benefits for mental health on top of the physical, and you can take advantage of this even more by adding a morning workout routine to your daily schedule.

We will help you enter the morning workouts routine easily. Download our app and register to on-demand group workouts in the mornings.


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