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Rent out your space for training and generate passive income

No commitment, pay just when you earn

How it works?

You receive a notification that the trainer wants to rent your space and the money is transferred to your account if you confirm

The trainers see the space details, and by clicking on one button they rent it and pay if they confirm

Define the details of the space and publish it

Let us take care of all the dirty work

Exposure to new trainers

Every trainer in the area will see the space and will be able to rent it

No commitment

No monthly cost and no commitment

Publish quickly

In less than two minutes you can publish new available times for rent

Payment system

There is no reason to request payment by payment apps, everything happens automatically and securely


We have created a system for you through which you can easily rent your training spaces and for group workouts generate passive income. Our system is free, with no monthly cost and no commitment.

Who is it suitable for?

Our system is suitable for any owner of a space suitable for various types of sports - fitness studios, rooftops, gardens, or even a work space.

Who sees my training spaces?

All the trainers in the app that the space is relevant for them by location and preferences can see the space and rent it if you confirm.

How much would all of this cost me?

You pay a fee for the deal only when the money comes in. For a one-time rental, we charge 15%, and for a ritual rental, we charge 10%.

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