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Trainer registration

We are very happy that you are interested in our system!
We invite you to take an active part in the change that the fitness world is going through these days, we have gathered all the relevant information for you before you join us:

Fitter is a platform that connects independent instructors, trainers and owners of training spaces for hourly rental. Our system is a 'marketplace' and is a platform for establishing contact between service providers and end customers, we do not take part in the professional considerations of the instructor. All classes in the application are open to all trainees, so anyone who is in the area and is interested in training can register and pay for training with the click of a button. Fitter does not charge a monthly fee from the instructor, we take a percentage of the transactions (registration for training or purchase of a tab), the amount of the percentage we charge depends on the trainee who made the purchase. In the process of registering a trainee to the application, he has the option of entering the instructor's code through which he reached the system (for each instructor a code own), for each registration of a trainee who registered with your instructor's code, the instructor will pay clearing fees only. For a trainee who made the purchase and did not register for the application with the instructor's code, the instructor will be charged clearing fees + 12% commission to Fitter.

As part of the process of joining our service, the instructor will perform several steps:

1. Short registration to the Payme management system (so that you can receive the money for the trainings).

2. Downloading the Fitter instructor application.

3. Receiving an instructor code from us.

Conditions for registering:

Income tax VAT file (exempt dealer, licensed dealer or owner of a limited company)

Certificate of professional qualification
Professional liability insurance/third party insurance

First aid certificate

Clearing fees:

The clearing fees for Payme are 3% NIS for each clearing. (For example, Bit charges an average of 3.4%).

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