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Take Your Fitness Career To New Heights

 Free training log system that exposes you to thousands of new trainees

Main Features

Let us take care of all the dirty work and you will do what you do best

Secure payments

You define the number of trainees in the class and the cost per trainee and from there, everything happens automatically


A reminder of classes, registrations, cancellations and who started following you

Tabs management

Choose how many entrances, at what cost and what is the validity of each card

Automatic invoices

The system interfaces with an invoicing service. As soon as the trainee pays, he receives an invoice automatically

Watch how the apps work


Fitter Trainee Video

rainers (4).png

Fitter Trainer Video

Financial system

Through our financial system, you can see all the transactions that have taken place, filter by month, and see an increase in sales. You have full control over training credits and the ability to issue reports


Why train with Fitter?

No commitment

No monthly cost and no commitment

Exposure to new trainees

Apart from your trainees, everyone in the area will see the workouts and will be able to join

Spend less earn more

You will be exposed to new clients but you will not pay fees for your current ones

מערכת לניהול עבור מאמנים

“I was looking for a convenient way to manage the communication with the trainees, one that I would not have to deal with payment and cancellation issues.

With Fitter I can be at peace about it and the fact it does not cost me money”.

crm עבור מאמני כושר

“I joined Fitter a few months ago and it's so convenient. Apart from the fact it does not cost me money, it is just fun to work with them. Every problem I have gets solved in a maximum of half an hour and I know there is always someone to talk to”.

מערכת ניהול מקצועית למדריכים

“My first group workout training I did through Fitter. I opened a lesson in a second, my trainees received a notification in the app, signed up and even new trainees arrived”.







Too good to be true?

Give us three minutes of your time and we will show you how we save you hours of work for free!

A few things you’ll need to get started

  • Age 18+

  • Own your own business

  • A trainer certification

  • ID and proof of right to work

  • A smartphone with a data connection

Frequently asked questions

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